Real Estate Consulting

" Dreaming it, won´t be enought"


Real estate strategy

Pygmalion Group provides strategic consulting services in real estate to help clients develop a real estate strategy solid. This includes the identification of investment opportunities, the assessment of risks and the long-term planning.


Portfolio management

Our experts in Real Estate, helping customers to manage their portfolio of properties in an efficient manner. This involves the optimization of assets, the management of incomes and decision making based on data.

Sustainable development

Pygmalion Group specializes in the integration of sustainable practices in real estate projects. We work in the planning and implementation of projects that meet environmental and social standards.

Due Diligence

We carry out a Due Diligence is thorough to ensure that the clients make informed decisions in their real estate transactions. This includes legal research, financial and technical.


Renewable Energies

Leading the ecological transition


Evaluation of projects

Pygmalion Group advises clients in the evaluation of renewable energy projects, including the identification of optimal locations, the analysis of technical and economic feasibility, and risk assessment.


Development projects

We specialize in the planning and development of renewable energy projects, from conception to implementation. This includes the management of permissions, the coordination of teams and supervision of the construction.

Operations optimization

We help the owners and operators of renewable energy facilities to streamline their operations in order to maximize the energy production and efficiency.


Environmental impact assessment

We conduct environmental impact assessments (EIA) to ensure that renewable energy projects comply with environmental regulations and minimize its impact on the local ecosystems.


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