What is the
Pygmalion effect?

Legend has it that in ancient Greece there lived a sculptor named Pygmalion, who fell in love with the statue he had created... to the point that it came to life, the result of his love and conviction.

About us

About us

Pygmalion Group is a development consultant business specializing in real Estate and Renewable Energy. We promote the development of sustainable and responsible investments in these key areas. Our commitment is to transform projects for a more sustainable future.

Join us in this journey toward a more sustainable and prosperous.

Fantastic surreal terrain of natural landscape and upside down sityscape with sea coastline. Concept of antigravity.


Promote the development of sustainable and responsible investments.


Transforming the world through sustainable solutions.


Requirement, Honesty, Collaboration, and Responsibility.


Collaborative and adaptable. We created teams to work to the extent of each project.

Our goals

Our goal is to align the projects with the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) of the United Nations.

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